Thank you for your interest in Knockout!

Knockout! is designed to provide you with the easiest cross-platform experience, so that you and your friends can exploit our simple game mechanic by creating your own Knockout! rules.

Cross-platform means that all of your iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone wielding friends can all play the same game at the same time.

In its simplest form, Knockout!'s Offline mode, offers any number of players to engage in Free For All, or Team Play games. Players can individually select their preferred color, or team color, from a predefined set. The Offline mode requires a manual countdown, or announcement, for each player to start their game.

Once started, Knockout! uses the devices' motion sensors to determine sudden movement or jostling of a player's device. If it senses a sudden movement, the player gets Knocked Out! of the round.

Each player is provided with the amount of time they stayed in the round, in minutes and seconds.

That's it! Simple. Clean. Lots of ways to create your own rules and games.

Maybe you like bumper games, or running games, or pick up sticks, or egg drops, or obstacle courses, or ... well, you get the notion.


Knockout Splash Knockout Main Knockout Game Knockout Winner


Please play responsibly. While play testing, we had some wonderfully outrageous incidents of "how not to play". Needless to say, we do not want, nor do we condone, rough and tumble play that may result in damage to, or destruction of, your device and/or personal property, and/or personal bodily injury. We are not responsible in any way for how you may choose to use Knockout!.

Online Mode

Knockout!'s online mode is pretty cool. We wanted to see if we could come up with an innovative way to connect localized mobile devices without user registration of any sort. Harder than we thought. While it may not be perfect, we're pretty comfortable that it will perform well for the vast majority of users. We're sure you will let us know if we screwed up.

Online mode currently supports up to five (5) players in Free For All, and up to 4v4 in Team Play. We will be closely monitoring things to see if we can increase these restrictions.

As you can imagine, the Online mode is very similar to the Offline mode with these exceptions. 1. One player gets designated the host of each round. 2. The host controls closing lobbies and starting games. 3. Winners are notified when all others are Knocked Out!


We do not collect, store, or share any personally identifiable information.

To provide an anonymous multiplayer experience, Knockout!'s Online mode requires location-based services on your device. We collect and use your precise location data, including the real-time geographic location of your device. This location data is collected anonymously in a form that does not personally identify you and is used by us to create your game lobby.

We may share non-personal data with our advertising network providers to assist in targeted advertisements.

We kindly ask for your help in promoting Knockout!, as we have purposefully NOT required access to your contacts or other social media accounts in our design.


Knockout!'s Online mode requires your fine location information.

Devices Supported: iOS 4.2 and higher (iPhone, iPod touch), Android (most small, medium and large screen devices), Windows Phone 7.5 and higher

Device Capabilities: Network & Location (online mode only), Accelerometer


Just another indie developer trying to eek out a living. If you like the game, kindly consider buying an ad-free version (after playing the crap out of the ad supported versions). But more importantly, have fun and be safe. Thanks again for your interest and patronage. Greatly appreciated!

(c) HoppingBird Productions, LLC.